TradeDynamo™ is our online auctioning engine for direct and indirect goods. Its desgined to reduce the repetitive burden of a buyer and automate the processes to generate RFQs, run a live auction, communicate with suppliers, choose the best supplier and offer the best possible deals. This engine can help organizations auction away surplus goods at attractive prices typically unachievable via RFQs or usage of liquidators.

TradeDynamo™ Options

  • Auction/Reverse Auction Choice
  • Multiple Auction Formats (English, Sealed bid)
  • Auction Rules (Start, Closure, Bidding, Publishing etc)
  • RFQ Setup (Reverse Auction)
  • Multiple Formats (RFQ, Open-bid Reverse Auction)
  • Category-based RFQ parameter Templates (Terms & Conditions)
  • Document attachment facility
  • Multi-parameter Negotiation facility (based on Value Rating System)
  • Reserve Price, Outbid Notices, Proxy-Bidding, Bid
  • Increments/Decrements
  • RFQ Next round
  • Counter Offer
  • Quantity Negotiations
  • Restricting and allowing Bidders

Trade Management

  • Bid Placement & validation
  • Bid Comparison (Multiple Comparison mechanisms)

Trade Completion

  • Deal Finalization - Single-Winner, Item-wise Winner or Deal Entry
  • Confirmation of Award
  • Notification of Trade Completion
  • Administration
  • ERP Integration for Data Synchronization
  • XML-standard based Integration
  • Handling of new registration queries
  • Auction tracking tool, to keep track of auction start/end, status
  • Complete Bid History


  • E-mail notification
  • New auctions/ RFQs, Outbid notice, Awarding notice, etc
  • Auction Scheduler Interface
  • SOAP based interface to other remote applications


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