Build Baseline Facts

Spend Analysis & Business Case

Helps the buying organization and/or its agents build a consolidated and enterprise-wide fact-base of historical Direct & Indirect expenditures. Provides data capture (from legacy/enterprise systems and other procurement data bases) and migration templates and tools.

With spend analysis and categorization tools/templates the buyer can decompose and classify spend by commodity or category type, by business unit, by functional department, by organizational entity or by Vendor/Supplier. A spend "build up" enables the buyer to "concentrate" enterprise spend value and volume and identify opportunities for leverage and spend reduction – build the business case for strategic sourcing.

Analytics, Templates, & Workbench for Complex Services and Goods

  • Internal Data Request template
  • Supplier Data Request template
  • Spend Analysis & categorization tools
  • Substitution Analysis template
  • Supplier Price Comparison template
  • Spend Variance Analysis template
  • Spend Categorization & Aggregation template
  • Usage/Consumption by Buying Organization
  • Savings capture template
  • Resource Allocation Simulation tool
  • Supplier Cost Structure template
  • UNSPSC Classification of Services and Good

Research Capabilities

  • Bid Optimization Tool
  • Estimation Tool
  • Industry Research/SME
  • Supply Market Databases
  • Professional Databases
  • Procurement Journals
  • Reporting

Insights & Templates

  • RFQ Template Samples
  • Bid Packages Samples


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