Technology Support Services

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We at iServiceX take pride in living our values through the quality of the service team and our support infrastructure dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, clients and technical partners.

Our technology support service teams are committed to providing responsive, reliable, and effective support to all our customers. Our service and support delivery is based on the philosophy of "under promise and over deliver". iServiceX experts provide the following technology service and support solutions.

  • Customer Support
  • Hosted Services
  • Implementation & Planning Services
  • Training Services
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Content Development Services

Customer Support

iServiceX is focused on providing world-class application, technical and user support. As a part of the iServiceX customer support program we have created multiple interactive ways of easily accessing, reporting, retrieving and completing problem resolutions. 24/7 is the standard bearer for our commitment.

iServiceX dedicated customer support centers prioritize each submitted request to resolve any service and support issues. This priority assignment determines the sequence of steps taken to resolve the issue. Priorities help us focus on our values, and on keeping our customers operational. Our support teams are comprised of experienced customer-care experts with deep knowledge of our application, system and database administration, network engineering, and product and business process management.

Hosted Services

In addition to traditional licensing arrangement, iServiceX provides its customers the opportunity to utilize our solution as a hosted service.

In the hosted model, iServiceX will provide our technology, the required services, hardware, infrastructure and highest level of security at iServiceX’s site. Customers will have access to and will be able to transact business on our secure and hosted system. In addition, our hosted services provides the following benefits:

  • No lump sum payment to license the technology
  • Zero risk of ownership – iServiceX carries the operability and technical risk
  • No fixed cost of ownership – we charge monthly "usage" fees
  • Provides quick win and fast return on investment
  • Assures self-funding – part of savings normally will cover the monthly charge
  • Facilitates change management and frictionless adoption by customer’s organization

Implementation & Planning Services

This service provides a turnkey installation of the iServiceX software application. An iServiceX project team would perform the tasks of installing the application, determining hardware and database infrastructures, configuring and customizing user interfaces, loading profile data, enabling web interfaces, and creating views for executives to the engagements via project management, risk management and benefits management foundations.

In addition, iServiceX professionals can assist in integrating our solutions to data repositories such as relational databases, document management systems, file directories and profile analyses.

Training Services

iServiceX service support team can customize and deliver targeted training for your organization, including your executive team, business unit heads, procurement organization, your IT organization, applications administrators, vendors/suppliers, project leaders/project coordinators, or other users. Implementation, deployment and maintenance can all be accomplished easily. We also offer a value support package to customers who require additional support to guarantee more stringent service levels.

Through the combination of workshop training and complete on-line help systems we are just a click away from preparing and ensuring your organization's success in using our software to procure, deliver, and manage complex goods and services.

Outsourcing Services

In addition to licensing the iServiceX’s solution for implementation on an organization or agent's web based platform, clients have the option to outsource the procurement of complex goods and services to iServiceX directly. In this arrangement, iServiceX becomes an extension of the client’s organization. This provides the ability to "lease" iServiceX expertise with a highly secure turn-key environment. Organizations or agents that are looking for a full service software/services solution will find this service to be highly beneficial.

Content Development Services

iServiceX has the ability and knowledge base to continually provide content value to facilitate customer's sourcing and procurement requirements for direct and indirect goods and services. Through the expertise in codifying business issues, business cases, spend insight, commodity/service specifications, supply market intelligence, vendor/supplier profiles, eRFPs, Auctions, contract management, performance reporting, project and knowledge management, we can offer content and decision value to Buyers as well as vendors/suppliers.


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