Leverage Knowledge

Useful and Reusable Knowledge

Enables collaboration between the buying organization and its vendor/supplier to generate, capture, codify, store and retrieve all transaction, contract, fulfillment, and commodity/services knowledge such as:

  • prices, fee structure, spend value, travel/entertainment costs
  • total cost of ownership
  • commodity/services classifications and specifications
  • commodity/services market baskets
  • sourcing strategies and best practices
  • commodity/services quality
  • supply market insights
  • product characteristics
  • commodity benchmarks
  • technical specifications
  • approaches, tools, methodologies, templates, analytics, diagnostics
  • inventions
  • work products
  • lessons learned
  • project final reports
  • vendor/supplier performance reports
  • savings/benefits history
  • roster of experts and projec team members within the buyer’s organization

The buying organization can search, retrieve and edit this wealth of knowledge for organizational development and learning.

Content Management 

Knowledge Management

  • Archive All Templates and Transactions
  • Capture Best Practices
  • Work products & Inventions
  • Searchable – multi-parameters
  • Retrievable
  • Knowledge control & audit

Document Management


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