Specify Service/Product Requirements

Statement of Work and Category Specifications

Enables the buying organization and/or its agents to tightly and rigorously specify the statement of work (SOW), commodity/services requirements, functional requirements, terms and conditions, and service levels- that define an electronic request for quotation/proposal/services (eRFQ/RFP/RFS).

The specification engine clearly establishes buyer’s expectations for supply objectives, benefits, deliverables, scope of work, time-to-deliver, design criteria, capability and content requirement, resource requirement and other unique success factors given to the vendors/suppliers.

Depending on the business issue or commodity/services type, the specification engine can feed from over 500 pre-established repeatable commodity/services specifications, or it can allow the buyer to custom-specify or add new specification factors according to the unique sourcing and procurement needs.


Categorized Specifications


  • Business Strategy/Objectives requirement
  • Performance Targets
  • Statement of Work
  • Scope Of Work
  • Key Deliverables specifications
  • Functional Specification
  • Delivery Time frame
  • Engineering Specification
  • Quality & Value Specification
  • Business Requirements
  • Service offering/Product Specification
  • Service/Product Quality
  • Total Cost of Ownership definition
  • Technical Support requirement
  • Customer Service Requirements
  • Order Accuracy specification
  • Business Process requirements
  • Commercial Terms & Condition
  • Cultural Specifications
  • SLA Specifications
  • Commercial Terms
  • Safety Specification
  • Business Health
  • Organizational Requirements
  • Technology specifications
  • Implementation specifications

Electronic Specifications



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