Evaluate Proposals

Value-based Approach

Enables all the stakeholders in the buying organization to collaborate in generating and agreeing on the value factors for evaluating the information, proposal, quote (response to the eRFX) submitted by the pre-qualified vendors/suppliers

iServiceX’s Value Index System (VIS) ensures that a buying decision is not made on price alone, but is comprised of key leading indicators of economic value for the buyer. The value factors may consist of leading indicators of supply or delivery value such as:

  • Supplier’s understanding of the buyer’s issues and needs
  • Supplier’s delivery experience on similar sourcing/procurement initiative or contract
  • Supplier’s ability to achieve buyers deliverable objectives within the time frame specified in the terms & conditions or SLAs
  • Buyer's existing relationship with Supplier
  • Supplier’s delivery approach; quality of goods & services, commodity/service experience, chemistry and competency of the Supplier’s key people assigned to the opportunity; and total cost of ownership

The Value Index is set and agreed upon by the stakeholders in the buying organization prior to distributing the eRFX to the pre-qualified vendors/suppliers. In addition, the buying organization and/or its agents can collaborate online to review or request additional information for a vendor’s/supplier’s proposal, and then evaluate and rank the proposals based on the non-price value factors.

The system will automatically create a aggregate of the buyers’ non-price rankings and feed the aggregated rankings to the Private eCommerce engine where when negotiating, the total cost of ownership is the only value factor. Final selection by the buyer is done based on best value economics – the composite of the non-price value rankings and the total cost of ownership ranking.


Online Proposal Evaluation

  • eProposal – Secure Online Response
  • Electronic Roundtable
  • Training
  • Zero Investment in Equipment
  • Template Driven
  • Multi-Level Categorization
  • Creativity
  • Selection Parameters
  • Attachments – Electronic Catalog
  • Multi-Location


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