Technology Enablement

Our approach is to help you solve business problems through the use of information technology. IT problems are not resolved in isolation from other business concerns. In the current economic and business consolidation environment, it is difficult to gauge accurately the value derived from IT, iServiceX has been able to identify options that will allow you to prioritize and manage risk to drive growth, while simultaneously streamlining costs and improving performance.

To approach these issues objectively, iServiceX takes a revolutionary view of IT as a business operating within a business, and addresses a focused agenda:

  • Structuring and holding accountable, IT, to support and enable business growth in line with the overall organization's business strategy through initiatives that drive improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reducing IT cost and complexity, thereby managing risk and challenging IT to plan and execute better with the organization rather than act as a fixed and increasing cost base.
  • Increasing the transparency into IT costs and performance. This allows the business to understand the value of what it is buying and to facilitate proper economic trade-offs between IT and non-IT spending.
  • Building IT via best demonstrated performer whether that be internal or external resources. This means instituting world-class practices focused on pragmatic outcomes.

At iServiceX we have the skills and experience to help businesses and organizations maximize their IT return. Our capabilities to support this agenda span four areas.

  • ITStrategy
  • Business Value Capture
  • IT Operations and Delivery
  • Technology Alternatives: Offshore/Onshore


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