Change Management

Mergers and acquisitions continue, budgets shrink, reengineering efforts are introduced and new business models are implemented. Employees are expected to do more with less, change their behaviors and focus on increasing individual and organizational performance. How much change can one employee and one organization take?

iServiceX’s approach to change management includes the experience and the tools required to successfully execute a major change initiative. Our approach can be applied to any industry and can be applied in response to any number of reasons for a big organizational change such as market forces, internal improvement needs and legislative regulations.

Our services in this area include:

  • Creating the climate for change
  • Engaging and enabling the whole organization
  • Implementing and sustaining change


Leadership alignment achieves a common understanding among your leadership team of the technical, organizational and business impacts of a project or implementation on your organization. An aligned leadership communicates a consistent message about change and visibly demonstrates the shared vision of the project.

The main objectives of this are to ensure that your leadership team is focused and committed. Additionally, it helps ensure that leadership team members clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and overall accountability for the successful outcome of the project.

Our services in this area include:

  • Leadership Alignment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Program Development

Organization Support

To achieve economic and social benefits of new business processes, it is necessary for employees to behave in new and different ways. As a result, organizational infrastructure processes and characteristics need to be put in place to support the new business environment and behaviors.

The main objectives of this focus area are to determine to what extent the existing organizational design matches the requirements of your organizational change initiative, to redesign your organization to support your change and to implement the appropriate and effective organizational design that will sustain your changes.

We help assess and diagnose your organization using several tools and approaches for gathering and assessing information about your organization's readiness for change. The diagnostics give employees an opportunity to express their perceptions of the organization's strengths and weaknesses in managing change, and a chance to see what they feel is needed for greater effectiveness.

Our services in this area include:

  • Strategy, Design & Structure
  • Implementation
  • Resource Deployment
  • Change readiness
  • Impact assessments
  • Culture

High-Performing Teams

The success of organizational change efforts partially depends on the careful selection and motivation of team members. Additionally, project teams must have a thorough understanding of the project goals as well as each individual's roles and responsibilities within the team. And perhaps most importantly, they must demonstrate advanced interpersonal, process, communication skills and a sincere effort to work together toward a common goal.

Our services in this area include:

  • Team Charters
  • Project Team Training
  • Project Team Building
  • Capability Transfer


Effective, planned communications are a key objective of a comprehensive change program. Our services in this area generate awareness of the change and its effects. By providing a clear understanding of the change imperative and the nature of the project, communication serves as a way to create support for your project.

The main objective of this focus area is to create a communication strategy and plan to begin communications.

Our services in this area include:

  • Communication assessment
  • Communication strategy development
  • Communication plan development
  • Develop, maintain and evaluate communications

Intellectual Capital

We help protect one of the most significant, yet intangible assets: employee knowledge. The key objective of this focus area is to develop and implement new ways of determining the value of the knowledge of your employees, providing efficient management of knowledge resources from staff and promoting an organizational culture where knowledge is valued and rewarded.

Our services in this area include:

  • Knowledge management
  • Performance
  • Learning


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