Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management includes the conjoined functions of the entire value chain of product and/or service offerings. Analyzing the dependencies and information-flow requirements between and among the stages of the chain will lead to opportunities to improve and streamline redundancies, disconnects and lack of visibility of performance indicators. The voice of the customer can be an external or internal requirement but eventually a company must analyze how its supply chain is enabling or hindering its efforts to meet those needs.

Firms must identify high-value opportunities for improvement through partnership, value-managed relationships or vertical integration. iServiceX has rapidly enabled firms to manage decision- making and information updates at very low disruption to the day-to-day activities while creating very large savings opportunities via supply-chain innovation, as well as cost reduction.

iServiceX's Experience in Supply Chain Management

iServiceX's initial approach to supply chain management involves:

* Accurate measurements of costs-to-order requirements, inventory accumulations throughout the chain, defects, delays and returns are crucial to understanding the largest targets of opportunity.

* Economic modeling of the entire system typically involves use of analytical tools such as economic order quantity (EOQ), process and technology cost/benefit analysis and quantification of returns/warranties to sales.

* Opportunities for joint venture or partnership may be assessed and valued, such as real-time information sharing as an enabler of cost reduction, manufacturing flexibility and increased customer responsiveness all contributing to joint process improvements with all parties involved.

iServiceX delivers implementation services that harness world-class people, process, and technology power to move your organization's goods, information, and money quickly and securely. We can help you ensure delivery of the right product, to the right location, at the right time, in the most profitable manner possible.

Bottom Line Benefits

Our Supply Chain Management expertise can help you achieve faster time-to-market for products and services, global growth and migration to Web-enabled systems. Some of the global benefits we can help you accomplish include:

  • Enhancing shareholder value by reducing costs and increasing profitability with re-engineered business processes, improved operational efficiency, connective technology, and global inventory management balancing.
  • Reducing overall supply chain risk by optimizing demand management, order management, production management and fulfillment management with accurate information flows and taking full advantage of your infrastructure investments.
  • Creating visibility into the total inter-organization supply chain by sharing applications and data with trusted business partners via appropriate technology means
  • Delivering products to market faster by gaining better control of the entire product life cycle. Total Order Management is paramount to driving out costs and delivering savings.
  • Supporting future growth by planning, designing, implementing, managing and scaling combined operations.

iServiceX Supply Chain Management Solutions:

Supply Chain Strategy: enables companies to reconcile their overall business strategy with current supply chain operations to build a value-based, time-phased approach to delivering rapid value improvements and sustainable value creation through long range business process and systems roadmaps.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): provides an integrated set of solutions that enable your organization to collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners to share information throughout the product life cycle. By incorporating supply chain solutions at the product-design level, we can help you design and release innovative products more rapidly at reduced costs.

Demand Management Solutions: helps you plan and manage the flow of raw materials, more accurately forecast demand, plan inventory and schedule production. It allows end-to-end understanding of vendors, customers, channels, operations, and integration capabilities and can be extended across multiple trading partners’ enterprises providing supply chain visibility to all partners.

Procurement Effectiveness: allows you to access new strategic partners and suppliers, manage supplier relationships more successfully, and streamline purchasing processes. It will help you to identify premier suppliers and adhere to diversity commitments worldwide, share information and more effectively manage your supplier base, as well as evaluate your suppliers’ performance for all processes from design through procurement.

Supply Chain Operations: focuses on how to manage the production process as efficiently and reliably as possible and addresses manufacturing execution, warehouse and inventory management. It can help you improve efficiency of production operations, increase product quality and raise manufacturing yields.

Logistics: addresses how you interface with trading partners to manage broad issues around strategy and operations across functional areas that include inbound and outbound transportation, physical distribution and third party logistics. We can help you achieve entirely new efficiencies in distribution and transportation of materials and help create links between buyers and trading partners and between buyers’ facilities.

Trading Partner Integration: helps trusted supply chain partners share data, applications, and processes by means of Internet and Intranet technologies. We help you establish technologies and processes for electronic transactions, and improve information flow, visibility, and data sharing throughout your supply chain.


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