Process Management

iServiceX works with you to develop a clear understanding of your operating practices, procedures, policies and their associated costs, particularly in relation to competitive firms. We prioritize implementation drivers of success to help you design, develop and deliver initiatives that achieve a leading competitive position.

Understanding the trade offs of smaller tactical interventions versus larger broad change programs and the economic advantages of scale and scope are a vital part of this process. The use of information technology is also an increasingly critical aspect of redesigning core processes to create cost and position advantages.

Core process redesign is a method of achieving the highest level of quality and productivity in producing and delivering goods and services at the most competitive prices. It requires constant innovation, execution and measurement to establish a sustainable set of bottom line results. It is also an area in which almost every firm can improve; a common example is the process of achieving the operational advantages of size as a firm grows from a start-up or niche player to a leading position in an industry.

While every industry has inherent profitability characteristics, IServiceX has found that there are almost always clear winners and losers therein. How management performs in executing appropriate business plans usually accounts for differences in profitability.

iServiceX's Experience in Core Process Redesign

iServiceX’s process professionals can work with you to design and deliver quick hitting/quick wins as well as time proven process redesign approaches to help you successfully manage your unique business challenges. From targeted process improvement to Balanced Scorecards to Six-Sigma organizations, business process improvement with iServiceX can help you answer your current challenges and build the capabilities you need to reach next-level performance.

Business Process Management Services include:

  • Process Management and Measurement (Scorecards)
  • Process Improvement (Diagnostics, Design and Implementation)
  • Process Modeling/Simulation
  • Six-sigma Organizations and Tools
  • Process-based Cost Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Business Requirements Development for Business-centric IT Implementation
  • Strategic Management (Strategy Development and Alignment, Planning, Budgeting)


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