Some of the departments just did not believe the savings were there and were not interested in participating in the initiative. iServiceX’s experience in change management was the key to bringing the doubters on board. We built the business case and achieved $5.8 million in annual savings

Fred Smith
Chief Administrative Officer, Certegy

iServiceX manages some of our indirect commodity sourcing very efficiently and cost effectively, allowing us to focus on strategic relationships and supply risk mitigation.

James Mallard
Vice President, Procurement, United Parcel Service.

Working with one of the big IT consulting firms, we were faced with spending $10 million and writing thousands of lines of software code in order to comply with new government regulations. Looking for a second opinion, I brought in iServiceX to analyze the proposition. The iServiceX assessment recommended process improvements, organizational realignment, and performance management. With this new focus on process, operations, and organizational effectiveness, and iServiceX to provide the planning and implementation support, we completed the project on time and avoided spending $10 million on codes and systems.

Steve Martin
CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska.

Hiring iServiceX was not a difficult decision. We did our homework by talking to iServiceX’s previous clients on specific performance, cultural and relationship success factors that were important to RailAmerica and the success of the PIP (performance improvement project) initiative. We made the right choice. iServiceX professionals helped us redefine the role of our corporate center and consolidated 45 railroads into three strategic business units with clearly established business strategies, organization structure and performance objectives. Working together with our people, iServiceX redesigned our core business processes and helped lower our cost structure. The key to the successful completion of the PIP initiative can be attributed to iServiceX’s ability to engage and mobilize our organization and get our people to own the initiative, and be held accountable for the results.

Don Redfearn
President & Chief Administrative Officer RailAmerica, Inc.


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