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Client Work

“Our HIPAA implementation project was not going well – it was off schedule, we had missed major delivery milestones with our consultants, and we were running the risk of not meeting the mandated regulatory schedule. We had no recourse but to fire our consultants…iServiceX was recommended to us to replace our incumbent consultants…hiring iServiceX was the best decision we made in this particular case…iServiceX marshaled in the best resources at the right time and provided the much needed program management discipline to help us deliver the HIPAA Privacy procedures on time with all our insured, providers and business associates.”

- EVP, Health Insurance Firm

Focused on Clients

Our focus at iServiceX is to fill the gap whether it be technology, process, or change management; and thereby helping our clients deliver bottom line results faster and bigger. These results are normally above and beyond what the organization can achieve by itself and are truly monitored, tracked and reported.

In all client engagements, we partner with our client organization to achieve world-class performance improvement in revenue growth, cost reduction, organizational effectiveness and asset productivity.

Proven Track Record

We are proud of our track record. We consistently deliver high return on investment - a significant multiple to our fees on projects. We leverage our experience, expertise, and proprietary technology to help our clients implement change faster and in a sustainable manner. Where appropriate and applicable, we normally would design our projects to ensure that projects are self-funding and deliver positive cash flow from the beginning.

Focused on Results

Read more about how we have partnered with our clients to deliver results on many of the business challenges we may face:

Profit Margin Improvement
Performance Management & Behavior Change
New Solution Development
Spend Reduction & Management
Business Case Development & Organization Mobilization
Global Strategic Sourcing Reorganization
Supply Chain and Asset Management
Strategic Sourcing Cost Reduction
Strategic Cost Reduction
Procurement Organization Effectiveness
Program Management
Supplier Diversity Management
Offshore Software Contract Management
Market Entry Strategy

Profit Margin Improvement
Performance Management
New Solution Development
Spend Reduction & Mgmt.
Organization Mobilization
Global Sourcing Reorganization
Supply Chain & Asset Mgmt.
Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Cost Reduction
Procurement Org. Effectiveness
Program Management
Supplier Diversity Management
Offshore Software Contract
Market Entry Strategy


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